We pride ourselves in our upfront, fair pricing. 


Dispatch Fee

This fee covers the costs and time associated with getting the technician to your home. It also covers a visual inspection of your equipment.


Because of the above average skill of our technicians, many times we can tell what's wrong with a simple visible inspection. For the more complex issues, however, we charge the diagnostic fee to cover the time and equipment our technicians use to diagnose the problem.

Standard Inspection

This is a standard inspection of your home's heating or cooling system. As part of a standard inspection your technician will look over your equipment, test and give you options catered to the needs of your equipment, your family and your budget.

No-Bull Maintenance 

Are you sick and tired of the maintenance visits offered by our competitors that seem more like a sales pitch than a maintenance? Here at Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical, we are too. That's why we offer our NO-BULL Maintenance. What does that mean? Our technician is going to come in and complete your entire maintenance for $299 - Click Here For Details.

Worry-Free Repairs 
Quoted Upfront

At Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical, we know we hate surprises and we're pretty sure you do too. This is why we always quote our repairs upfront. You'll know exactly what your repair is going to cost before the technician starts the job, this way you can sit back and relax while our technicians get to work making your home comfortable again! 

System Replacements
Competitively Priced

Do you KNOW your heating or cooling system is on it's last leg? Maybe your tired of paying high energy bills. Perhaps you're interested in a new ductless mini-split system to get year-round, high efficiency cooling and heating in your home. Whatever the scenario may be, the experts at Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical are here to help! We can design and install a heating and cooling solution for any home!