Our Story

Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical is a veteran owned and operated organization. Like every good operation, Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical has a single, clear goal. 

- Exceed Expectations Through Knowledge, Skill, Respect and Honesty -.

My name is Jason Elmore and I am the founder, lead technician and installer at Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical. I started in the HVAC industry in 2002 when I chose HVAC as my major at Northeast Metrotech Vocational High School. I began working in the trade as an installer in my junior year. After high school I enlisted in the Navy where I rose to the rank of Second Class Petty Officer in just a couple of years. I was stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan where I was assigned to both the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and the Steam & Heat shops. When I separated from the Navy I moved back to the Boston area and began working for a large commercial property management firm where I spent 5 years installing and servicing advanced wiring and controls. At that point I felt I needed new challenges so I moved into the residential market where I worked for a couple of the larger companies in the area. I quickly moved through the ranks from a technician to a trainer to a field manager and eventually technical director. In every position I held I found the same struggles, the companies I was working for were more concerned about the bottom line than actually mastering the craft of home comfort. For this reason, I decided the only way I would find satisfaction in my career would be to go out on my own. I started out working nights and weekends building my reputation. Fast forward to now and Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical is out there everyday solving complex problems for your friends and neighbors in the greater Boston area.

Our success is due to our very simple core values:

  1. We hire the best of the best.
  2. We are committed to continuing education, dedicating 4 hours each week to training.
  3. We treat every customer like we would treat our own family.
  4. We take pride in our work.
  5. We NEVER cut corners. Ever.